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Dominican Republic is mainly known for it's Merengue and Bachata music yet there are other music forms that were played on the isla wwjdclid. canada goose expeditionnd of Hispaniola way before the music that most relate to Dominican Republic. This music came here with the slaves and is music of the entire island, passed down for over 500 years. Most Dominicans do not recognize this music as their own. They consider it as more Haitian because of its African origins. Many have tried to disassociate themselves from their African-Slave background. Now it seems more Dominicans are starting to pay attention to these forms of music and rediscovering it.

Many villages do still practice these forms of music including Villa Mella (known for its unique Congos, Salsa, and Son Dancers), La Romana, Barahona, San Pedro de Macor
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