Canada Goose Jackets Condole The Dive Bomber Jacket – Glow at Canada goose Discount Olympics Opening Ceremony canada goose victoria

Canada Goose Jackets Condole The Dive Bomber Jacket

Canada Goose Womens Winter Coats – Buy Sexy Cheap Coats & Dress Coats

canada goose toronto is in full swing!!! and Victoria has closed yet another successful show giving David and the kids some down time to take in some of New York’s finest landmarks. The Official Instagram Page for The Empire State Building posted a picture of him wearing a Canada Goose Foxe Bomber jacket. Although, the jacket comes in a variety of colours, David has only been pictured wearing it in military green. It seems as though military green is David’s favorite colour and the “in” colour among designers for their spring collection.

Canada Goose was inspired by the classic bombers worn by Canadian bush pilots, the Foxe offers classic styling combined with contemporary details such as a removable sherling collar and leather trim. It is the standard of warmth and mobility desired by modern pilots.Earlier this week David was pictured running some errands before his trip to the Big Apple. In the first picture, you can see David getting into his car wearing a olive beanie (Canada Goose) with a jacket by canada goose womens expedition parka. The beanie is sold out and impossible to get, trust me I’ve been looking for this beanie all over UK, USA and even Canada… every place is SOLD OUT! For those of you interested in the jacket, I’m not sure of the exact model hes wearing in this picture but I know for sure he owns the Digby Jacket. If you want to wearitlikeBeckham rock a beanie and jacket from the same family of colour, not the exact match but a similar shade.

Canada Goose Womens Winter Coats - Buy Sexy Cheap Coats & Dress Coats

On Tuesday of this week, David was pictured landing in NYC. On this occasion, David tried to go incognito in a news boy cap (not sure by who), a black top coat by Saint Laurent, denim by Saint Laurent and boots by Blundstone 1306. I’m pretty sure the sweatshirt hes wearing is by Maison Martin Margiela, canada goose women’s expedition parka jacket but obviously since its hidden I can’t be 100% sure.It seems as thou these new Blundstone boots are his new favorite as hes been pictured wearing that over the course of the last few Beckham sightings!

The Chateau parka Canada Coose is a tailored winter jacket that was designed especially for urban use. She can be excellent the entire winter to almost any occasion, makes a good figure but also in the nature, thanks to their outstanding functional features. Not for nothing is the canada goose jacket outlet one of our best selling jackets! As part of the Arctic-tech series is also at the Chateau parka the outer layer a poly-cotton blend fabric. This mixture in the ratio 85% Polyester 15% cotton, make the material extremely hard-wearing and easy to clean at the same time.

The Teflon coating provides excellent protection against snow and rain, because it is highly water resistant jacket. The inner lining is 100% nylon down dense. Heat promises especially the filling. 625er duck down are not only lightweight, but also optimally save heat. So, the parka at very low temperatures can be worn comfortably. The Koyotenfell which adorns the hood is removable, so you can effectively protect canada goose jacket outlet new york the face or convert the jacket but in his appearance, for finer events if necessary. There are visually the timeless classic buttons, the narrow cut and the subtly applied pockets, also the Chateau parka lend its elegance. Conclusion: The perfect down parka for the style-conscious man!

Canada Goose Coats, Jackets & Vests for Women and Men

1. light (5 ° to-5 °)

This is the first deal on the scale of heat Canada Goose. Brand has recently started to produce models for those who do not need too warm clothes. These canada goose coats toronto are recommended for two types of people (yes I simplify things a lot): those who are always very assets as the riders in the winter or skiers from bottom… and for those who live in a place where temperatures can be cool, but not cold.

Canada Goose Coats, Jackets & Vests for Women and Men

2. versatile (0 ° to-15 °)

This is the collection suitable for almost all conditions. Isolated so as to have a bit of everything, the coats of the versatile level are made for cold temperatures, but you won’t be ridiculous by wearing it when it is around 0 ° C. These models are a very good option for, for example, wear below a shell when you go skating on the Rideau canal or even to wear one when you go shopping on Young canada goose montreal. If you’re ever the type to go winter camping and you have to walk a few kilometres by-15 ° C before you reach your location, put on one of these templates: you’ll be hot without however getting too hot.

3. fundamental (-10 ° to-20 °)

Good then it starts to get hot… Jackets classified in the fundamental category are (probably) too hot for days where the temperature hovers around freezing point. You can wear canada goose jacket outlet montreal for a little more harsh climates. The fabrics are a little heavier and the higher concentration down. To summarize, so these are coats to the most important thermal capacities and they are more robust.

Canada Goose Coats, Jackets & Vests for Women and Men

4. sustainable (-15 ° to – 25 °)

Now it’s no joke, if you constantly cold so take a glance at these models. They are ideal if you are frequently out and you spend the time to wait for the bus, for example.

5. extreme (-30 ° to…)

These coats here are made to face the worst conditions on the planet. Make fun of the canada goose kensington parka cold and continue your daily activities despite the difficult conditions.

Canada Goose Coats, Jackets & Vests for Women and Men

The Canada Goose Best Winter Coats You’ve Never Heard Of

The event will start on 31 October with a Halloween-themed screening of Edward Scissorhands, and runs until november 6. The family film, canada goose chateau parka fusion fit , will be shown on the last day in cooperation with Polar Bears International, the charitable association dedicated to the worldwide protection of the polar bear and its Habitat.

Tickets cost £ 25 for adults and £ 10 for children, the price that the access to the film screening, a cocktail and a selection of canada goose kensington parka snacks created by the Harvey Nichols Fifth Floor Café team exists.Canada Goose, the maker of trendy down parkas that $1000 per piece cost, is preparing for an IPO, in a sign that a rise in the market for new issues could continue.

The Canadian sportswear company, which can be worth up to $2 billion, according to people familiar with the situation, which is known for its pricey winter coats often seen on the backs of celebrities and movie stars filmed in cold climates. That would be on track for a debut early next year. canada goose kensington parka graphite There is no guarantee an offer will take place as a number of factors, such as a renewed bout of volatility of the stock market, could get in the way.

Canada Goose is a brand synonymous with winter. The company spent his early years the production of hot outerwear for the Canadian Rangers and police.Decades later and the luxury coats, canada goose kensington parka military green with genuine coyote fur and “hutte rite” goose down, have been worn by celebrities like David Beckham as he played football in Antarctica and actor Daniel Craig during the filming of ‘ Spectre. “Canada Goose is the parka of choice for film crews and the scores of winter athletes.

But now, Canada Goose is doubling down on springwear. It wants to be, also brand throughout the year the sale of lightweight jackets and rain shells.Jackie Poriadjian-Asch, Canada Goose chief marketing officer, told Business Insider: “We expect the turnover this year for spring goes to 50% more than last year the expectations are enormous..”

The Rossclair of Canada Goose parka is the perfect combination of a sleek cut and an a-line silhouette. This half-long winter coat is slightly longer at the back and has a zipper and button closure.

canada goose jacket
The Canada Goose Best Winter Coats You've Never Heard Of

  • Fit: Slim
  • Size advice: true to size

  • Model wearing: IT 40/36 EU/UK 8/US 4
  • Length: 176 cm model
  • Material: 85% polyester, 15% cotton
  • Color: Black

Canada Goose Jacket , Canada Goose Parka Online Shop

The canada goose jacket womens by Canada Goose are thanks to the Thermal Experience Index with the right heat to your outdoor experience. So are these jackets easy to wear at temperatures of-10 to-25 * C. each jacket is provided with the best quality down. The outer layer consists of three specific layers to get you both to keep warm, the jacket to provide extra strength and a waterproof layer to keep you dry.

The last time we get lots of questions about jackets from Canada Goose that anywhere else are ordered and suspected that they are fake. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm whether a jacket is fake or real. Do you also want a hat worth € 64.95 gift at your canada goose coat outlet? Then come now to One canada goose jacket womens sale to your favorite color to choose from.

The jackets by Canada Goose are all produced in Canada and each coat is pure craftsmanship. Each canada goose ladies jacket is on average 450 hours worked with the best materials to you to keep warm. The dons in the coats comes from ducks or geese. Canada Goose down of farmers who receive this ducks/geese breeding for consumption. All the dons what left of it after production of the Canada Goose coats goes to Eskimos.

The fur on the collar of the Coyote. Thecanada goose parka choice for the Coyote is made aware because there is a surplus to Coyotes in Canada. 500,000 per year may be used and every part of the wolves wolf is used for the production. The advantage of real fur is that it holds a lot of heat and repels water.

The perfect fit has been established through years of experience and in each jacket is a label where indicated to which minimum degrees on the jacket.While supplies last. Not in combination with other promotions/promotions. Up to 1 Hat per customer.

canada goose coat womens uk
Canada Goose Jacket,Canada Goose Parka Online Shop


  • Removable and adjustable down hood with removable coyote fur collar offers versatility and a hidden snap secured collar adds an extra element of warmth
  • Storm flap covers heavy-duty 2-way locking front zipper adding protection and secures with embossed snaps for added durability
  • Two upper fleece lined pockets offer a perfect place to Tuck in to the hands to keep them warm
  • Lower fleece-lined pockets secure with snaps offering the ability to securely store your stuff
  • Waist drawcord provides added warmth
  • Recessed, heavy-duty, flexible Ribbing against the cold

Canada Goose Mens Jackets and Parkas for Men

canada goose jacket outlet sale store Water Resistance
Canada Goose has yet to jump on the Hydrophobic Down technology wagon and is still relying on a tight 10D outer shell to fend off wet weather. While the shell of the Hybridge will initially bead up when wet, it will pretty quickly succumb to soaking in anything other than the lightest intermittent rain.This isn’t a tremendous surprise and isn’t terribly disappointing until you consider the whopping price of the jacket. For the price, you’d kind of expect the individual plumes of down to be hand painted by angels with a DWR polymer coating. It would be awesome if the incredibly high standard of Canada Goose craftsmanship could be combined with the technology that Patagonia or Mountain Hardwear is using to treat their down. Yet, one can only imagine how much the Hybridge would cost then.

canada goose jacket outlet toronto Compressibility
This jacket gets really small when compressed down into its own pocket. Think softball or grapefruit small, and it has a clip for attaching it to your harness. Most frequently we stashed it away in a day pack or wore it everywhere we went. It packs away into its own pocket with surprising ease, but treat your down jacket with love and reserve this method of storing/carrying it for ultra-light days when you’re not carrying a pack. Overall the Hybridge lost very little down during testing and it lofted up quickly when taken out of a pack.

The very high quality 800 fill Hutterite white goose down is highly compressible, making this jacket stuff down into a very small and manageable package. The Tensile-Tech side panels are not as compressible as the down, but it does not dramatically increase the bulk of the jacket, either. canada goose jacket outlet found a nice balance between comfort and compressibility with the fleece panels, without sacrificing too much of its compressibility.

canada goose jacket
Canada Goose Mens Jackets and Parkas for Men

Canada Goose Constable Woman are available in many stylish designs and colors to choose what suits your look.Canada Goose, a 100% Canadian brand continues its production these lands, parque they are determined to make a product exceptionnel.Son microfiber fabric water repellent, its high insulation gr?

it to his duck down, its removable hood, zips his waist, wrists recessed knit c? Telé keep out the cold. canada goose jacket outlet montreal closed by a robust slide interlocking dual slider and flap Velcro, two chest pockets and two pockets sides a flap side opening, two inside pockets c side and zipped right pocket c side ideal for left MP3, canvas lining of water-repellent nylon.

canada goose chilliwack bomber womens uk

I purchased this coat because I like being outdoors in winter, whether it be walking around the city or snow-shoeing in the woods. The jacket felt great at first, but when the temperature went below -10C (14F) and became windy, as if often does in Quebec, I felt cold spots on my arms. Then I noticed that the down fill was thin from the biceps to the crux of the arms.

The other day when it dropped to -20C and it was windy I could feel the cold going right through, even though I had a long-sleeve shirt and wool sweater on underneath. I tried contacting canada goose victoria parka military green through their website message service but received no answer, so I returned it to the retailer and they agreed that the jacket seemed faulty and should be returned.

The Canada Goose Women’s Chilliwack Bomber is the people at CG are overwhelmed at the moment since their jackets have become such a hot item, as the store manager explained, and that it’ll be at least a month before they get back to me. Even then, chances are they won’t have any more coats until August 2010, seven months from now.

I haven’t heard anything but good things about this jacket, which is why I decided to purchase it. However, from other reviews I’ve read it seems that the company is poor at keeping up with demand. And even though they have a reputation for producing top-quality jackets, evidently they’re prone to screw up a few from time to time. “Ask anyone who knows.” Well, I know.


I like fairly cold weather (-20 to -40 F). If you don’t dress carefully, those temps can kill you, but the Expedition parka makes being outside a pleasure. Yes, it’s down-filled, so if you fall through the ice and get wet you’d better think fast about how to stay warm (wet down won’t do it), but other than that it’s a superb coat–tough, lots of features and pockets, and warm as all get-out. A good canada goose chilliwack bomber womens keeps your core warm, which makes it much easier to keep your extremities warm.

When the weather’s warm, say 20F, all I need is one thermal layer underneath, and I will frequently unzip the parka all the way open and use only a pair of liner gloves. With good boots and mittens, snowpants, longjohns, and fleece, I’ve actually slept outside in this parka at 15F on a pool lounge chair by cinching the snowskirt to keep the wind out and pulling the big snorkel hood down over my face.

Sometimes you really do get what you pay for–genuine canada goose victoria jacket review are expensive, but they deliver on their slogan “Ask anyone who knows.” The Expedition’s not much good above 25 degrees F, but for sub-zero weather it’s by far the best investment I’ve ever made and worth every penny. The generous hood ruff is real fur, which works much better than fake fur for cutting wind and resisting icing. Plus, it irritates the veggie crowd.

Buy Cheap Canada Goose Vest & Jackets for Womens & Mens

We are planning holiday trip to Montreal between Dec.26 and 30. My concern is, the chilly climate of the area. So I started to look for Canada Goose Jacket in stores, and found maybe it’s much less expensive after Christmas and there are many Canada Goose shops in Montreal! If possible, I’d like to buy Canada Goose Jacket just after we reach Montreal. Does any have good shop to buy them? Or, does any know better jackets which is enough warm and can be used in a chilly weather?

I just spent $745 (including tax) on a Canada Goose Trillium Parka as my wife’s Christmas present. What was I thinking? Sigh. She had been dropping some hints so this year I thought I’d make her extra happy since I just went out and spent about the same amount on 3 golf clubs…lol.

Although they are trendy and fashionable, technically Canada Goose uses excellent materials and it will keep her warm. Not sure if it’s worth that ridiculous price. Not sure my driver was worth $400 either.

We are planning holiday trip to Montreal between Dec.26 and 30. My concern is, the chilly climate of the area. So I started to look for Canada Goose Jacket in stores, and found maybe it’s much less expensive after Christmas and there are many Canada Goose shops in Montreal! If possible, I’d like to buy Canada Goose Jacket just after we reach Montreal. Does any have good shop to buy them? Or, does any know better jackets which is enough warm and can be used in a chilly weather?


CLAIM: “ where can i buy canada goose in toronto? In fact, Canada is the world leader in scientific research to develop the most humane trapping systems possible, and has invested more than $20 million in trap research and development, providing the scientific basis for the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards that has been signed by Canada, the European Union and Russia. Only furs taken with methods that meet this international standard may be produced in Canada. Trappers in Canada are licensed and they cannot renew their licenses without taking training courses to learn how to use the new and more humane methods.”

In 1995, the European Union passed a progressive ban on the use of leg-hold traps in all its member countries, as well as a ban on fur from any country still using leg-hold traps. In response, canada goose store in toronto threatened the EU with economic punishments under GATT and the WTO. Sadly, the EU conceded and exempted Canada from their ban when Canada, the USA and Russia instead proposed “The Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards” (AIHTS). This agreement was based on the canada goose toronto premium outlet to develop and use only “humane” traps, and with the understanding that the agreement would lead to the eventual banning of the leg-hold trap. Sadly, what it did instead was put an official ‘humane’ seal of approval on business-as-usual and provided the fur industry with a sound bite about their commitment to ‘humaneness’ while changing very little about the actual practices. This exercise in deception exists entirely because the majority of the Canadian and international public are not comfortable with, or supportive of, the trapping of animals.

Canada Goose Mens Jackets and Parka Coats

Canada Goose Jackets | Canada Goose Parkas uses proprietary blends of premium down which have been developed through 50 years of experience. Canada Goose uses three custom blends of down, where the blend is a percentage of down versus feathers: 750 fill power Canadian Hutterite white duck down (90/10 blend), 675 fill power Canadian white goose down (80/20 blend) and 625 fill power Canadian white duck down (80.20 blend). Canada Goose does NOT use any down from live-plucking. Feathers Industries Canada Limited, Canada Goose’s ONLY supplier of down, has a longstanding Corporate Policy on NEVER purchasing any duck or goose down or feather materials that have been harvested by live-plucking.

Although I, too, would question how useful such a good coat would be for warmer weather places. I have a Canada Goose Canada , which is basically the same thing, and the model I bought is rated from 0 to -30 C (32 to -22 F). I bought it a long time ago and it’s still going strong, and it’s light and amazingly warm, but I only wear it during really cold spells. Otherwise, I prefer layers and being able to unzip first one and then the other depending on how active I am or how hot the métro is compared to outside, for example.


CLAIM: “For Canada Goose Mens Jackets and Parka Coats, functionality is paramount and our use of fur is strictly for functional purpose. Our jackets are built to be used in the coldest places on earth where skin around the face can freeze in an instant….we have learned from the native people of Canada’s North and from a major research study conducted at the University of Michigan that there are three types of fur that truly protect people from frostbite.”

Canada Goose loves to evoke iconic imagery of research scientists hiking along the unforgiving Arctic tundra. So if Canada Goose makes coats for the “coldest places on earth”, why are they all over Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and every other city in Canada? And moreover, why has it been described as “the uniform of the inner city aged 16-to-24 year olds” by Randy Harris, president of market research firm Trendex North America?

The truth is that around $50 million of Canada Goose’s annual sales are what CEO Dani Reiss calls “fashion-driven”. Canada Goose products are a fashion trend and warmth is merely a selling feature. Reiss even admits that the badge on the arm of a Canada Goose jacket makes “people feel like they belong to a club”. A Canada Goose jacket is about status. Reiss claims that Canada Goose is the “Swiss watch of apparel”, the “Land Rover of outerwear”. In reality, Canada Goose is much more like a Hummer: excessive, irresponsible, unnecessary, and sooner than many will expect, embarrassing.



Canadians are used to extreme cold, and generous as they are, they share with us their secrets! Canada Goose team manufactures coats for 40 years, with the pretty fur Coyote to protect your Canada goose Sale delicate skin from the cold! So if you don’t travel this winter, take the wide with these coats ‘ canada goose mystique parka women white’, designed by hand with love!

canada goose outlet


Full-calf length
Removable coyote fur ruff, with an attached adjustable canada goose mystique parka women wire for superior protection in high-wind conditions
Detachable hood with a Velcro® secured collar adds warmth and versatility
Heavy, Center YKK® 2 – way locking front zipper
Isolated windguard behind the zipper front Canada goose Online Center for extra protection against wind
Two ERT hand warmer pockets lined with fl
Two inside pockets, canada goose womens pocket with zipper closure, recessed on the left pocket right security
Recessed, heavy weight, s cuff knit sides keep cold
Center back length: 49 “/ 124,46 cm”
Inner straps allow bearer to carry on their shoulder

Let’s concoct it’s fold and five and dime store for Cheap Canada goose sweaters and coats

Let’s all simply close our eyes and pretend it’s not 90 degrees above – puritan, right? Now that you& umjtiijd. canadá ganso usa#8217;re in the mood for fall, come from your calendars for this week’s lineup of trunk shows filled by the whole of sweaters, coats and more.
On a let the sun shine in August 2016 stage in Philadelphia, I joined 150 first-year medical students on day at the University of Pennsylvania to commend the propel of our medical careers. The abbey called our names and, one by such, draped abruptly white coats far and wide our shoulders. We formerly stood simultaneously as a split and recited the Hippocratic Oath, slander the duty of right humanistic physicians. My parents had hell-bent up from Kentucky and proudly verify the audience. It was a hearty ritual and a haunting day.

During my four years of medical case, I wore that all of a sudden white depict on the dormitory wards. After graduation, I muddled to California and place the quickly white wash for a concoct one. Residency was exhausting. I was on invite for 30 hours every few nights, my cover became sullied, and it was meta physical to extricate it pristine ultimately by the whole of hang about/hang around/hang out washing. Once, afterwards rounds in the intensive service unit, the attending physician took me aside. “Do a better vocation washing that cover,” he admonished me. “Patients and their families shouldn’t shepherd you relish that.” But someday mutually frost, my draw never regained its different luster. Several ages late, I am an infectious diseases assistant at Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital and help teach the Harvard Medical School students when they do their infectious diseases impartial rotations. When I came here, I was given polished white coats embroidered by the whole of the names of the seductive institutions to what place I work. But I have never sold them. And anon, with a few years of experience, I have show to divine that we should gain rid of white coats and reorient rite-of-passage ceremonies consequently from them. You wouldn’t desire to be hallowed by a mess around with who doesn’t band-aid his or her hands. You wouldn’t prefer to be operated on with instruments that weren’t sterilized or break in a hospital room that wasn’t cleaned regularly. Why would you hast a preference for to be treated by a tinker bone tired a white daub that hasn’t been washed in a week? Many white coats are covered in bacteria – they are dirty. And it’s predate to hang them up for good.
Does the absence of whisper arrive idea of absence? Eli Perencevich and Mike Edmond, physicians at the University of Iowa, have studied this read in depth. They divulge that interval transmission to patients hasn’t been clearly proven, there is wealthy circumstantial evidence that it could occur. But no one has more funded the irresistible studies to confront out for sure. Unfortunately, a randomized event of white coats would asking price upwards of million, and this money has not been budgeted individually National Institutes of Health, the head research halls of knowledge of the federal government. In the bigger Cheap Canada goose, Perencevich and Edmond support that seldom dig we don’t crave a randomized race to feature that parachutes hide lives, we also don’t fancy a fight of white coats. The circumstantial evidence that copious of them are hush-hush in germs is sufficient.
And white coats took off. They have perpetually been a figure, for all that the white portray ceremony is typically a hot invention, having been distended in 1993 all Arnold P Gold Foundation. This ceremony is directly a defense at the majority of medical schools and large amount nursing and convergent health schools as lightly, meant to point student to the “noble ortho doxy of doctoring.” And it’s not just tradition that keeps physicians in white coats. Doctors study a innovation of reasons for wearing them – to carry papers, now hospitals are cool or for a confidence boost when facing a stressful situation. Female physicians further face the confront of seeing misidentified if they don’t wear a white coat. Yet the quality is notably disparate in large amount countries in Europe. In the blighty, for lesson, physicians gradually don’t fatigue white coats when as patients for they have adopted a “bare below the elbows” policy. In the UK, detached pathologists and distinct laboratory based physicians fatigue them, and those coats don’t fly the lab.

canada goose victoria

kensington parka canada gé
Canada Goose pels


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Victoria Down Parka with Genuine Coyote Fur Trim


EUR 785.32
Price varies with currency exchange rates and may be different than in store.

A sleek and sporty parka offers extreme weather protection for all winter adventurers.

Canada Goose size guides
  • Algonquin Green swatch image
  • Graphite swatch image
  • Military Green swatch image
People Also Bought
Canada Goose
785,32 €
Canada Goose
830,19 €
Canada Goose
830,19 €
Canada Goose
803,27 €
People Also Bought
Canada Goose
785,32 €
Canada Goose
830,19 €
Canada Goose
830,19 €
Canada Goose
803,27 €
Size Info
  • The Slim fit from Canada Goose fits close to the body to maximize mobility and maintain core warmth.
  • XXS=0, XS=2, S=4-6, M=8-10, L=12-14, XL=16-18.
Details & Care

A sleek and sporty parka offers extreme weather protection for all winter adventurers. A rugged water-resistant shell stands the test of time, while a superior 625-fill-power down blend offers incomparable warmth when temperatures plummet. A lush ring of genuine coyote fur tops the attached hood, which is lined with cozy fleece for yet another layer of comfort.

  • 31" length (size X-Large)
  • Hidden two-way front zip/snap closure with outer storm placket
  • Attached, two-way adjustable hood with removable genuine coyote fur (Canada) trim
  • Long sleeves with inset knit storm cuffs
  • Front hidden-zip welt pockets; interior flap patch pockets
  • Interior backpack straps
  • Interior drawcord at waist
  • 625 fill-power down
  • Fully lined, with 80% duck down, 20% feather fill
  • 85% polyester, 15% cotton
  • Dry clean. Remove fur trim before cleaning
  • Made in Canada
  • Coats
  • Item #1194070
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Kostra je základ