scarica il catalogo Aviolibri in formato pdf Canadese Goose Jacket

scarica il catalogo Aviolibri in formato pdf

Società Salute del Mugello expo terra portadepliant.cdr

BOT. HUILE SPRAY 100 GPI 410/24 # * GCMI 120,000

manuale di istruzioni

VALVOLE GHISA Valvola di fondo con filtro

Verbale di riunione - LSSS Cannizzaro

circolare del Comune di Rivalta

canada gé banffiew">


Specifiche di prodotto * Technical data sheet

Elettroventilatori centrifughi a doppia aspirazione

Manuale - Pan International

Canadese Goose Jacket

canada goose butik
Canada Goose clearance

canada goose

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mewintercanada goose
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    face reveal lol taken by my friend in college

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      Goldegg Goose

      This Canada Goose-like Rahi is given its name because it is known to lay eggs with shells made of pure gold. It is still currently unknown as to why their shells are made of gold, some Matoran debate that it could be linked to their diet, and that gold may possibly be in the things they eat.

      These Geese originated in Archoko (just think of Canada). However, after the destruction of Archoko, many Goldegg Geese perished, but those just returning from migration to other continents did not, and are slowly building their population back up from such a great loss.

      Matoran used to peel and sell the gold of their eggshells for trade, but this method was stopped after Bo-Matoran native to Zakara and Archoko considered it immoral since the developing Goslings inside the eggs absorb energy from the gold in their shells. Nowadays, Matoran wait until after the Goslings hatch and they could then pick up the debris from when they hatched and sell it.

      It is exceptionally rare for Matoran farmers to own Goldegg Geese since they are very expensive and valuable, and the fact that the Rahi’s population is currently rebuilding.

      They are migratory bird Rahi, as shown in the story of Migration Harvest. They migrate to the Southern Hemisphere of Terra-Magna because it is much warmer there since Terra-Magna’s southern axis faces closer to its sun at this time of year.

      Goldegg Geese start off in Archoko and Polara (top of Zakara/Archoko continent and the west coast of the continent to the top right AKA Polara) and then migrate South to warmer places like Uniki (bottom continent).

      Now that Archoko is gone, Goldegg Geese now mainly reside in Polara and Zakara (bottom half of Zakara/Archoko continent)

      Lifespan: 5,000-10,000 years

      Diet: Grass

      Habitat: Urban areas, grassy areas, lakes

      Representative Element: Non-Elemental

      Conservation Status: Vulnerable (increasing)

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      BIONICLERahiGoldegg GooseCanada GooseGooseGeeseMy MOCs
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        canada goosefuck em
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          Le baladeur by Andre_Villeneuve

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          IFTTT500pxbirdsgeesegooseoiseauxoiesB&amp;Wbernache du canadaoutardesAndre Villeneuve
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            From Québec Canada by Andre_Villeneuve:

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            duckgeesegooseoiseaucanardoieoutardebernache du canadaAndre Villeneuve
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              canada goosefashion
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                The sun don’t shine forever but as long as it’s here we might as well shine together 🌬

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                canada goosepelle pelleleathernew yorkadidas
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