National Supply and Unmatched Retail Access

  • Over the road CNG access and discounts at 350+ retail sites
  • Wholesale and retail natural gas and power supply
  • Risk management and hedging solutions for fixed and forward contracts on natural gas

What’s in it for Mansfield Customer?

  • Direct supply from globally scaled CNG & LNG equipment OEM including industry leading IMW compressors
  • Solutions from America’s largest and most proven Design, Engineering and Construction provider for CNG & LNG stations
  • Nation’s leading operations & maintenance capabilities with experienced and equipped staff nationwide
  • Mansfield Fleet Card access and pricing discounts at Clean Energy public fueling stations for CNG & LNG in North America
  • Industry leading vehicle conversion, selection and finance solutions for natural gas vehicles

What’s in it for Clean Energy Customers?

  • Partnership with leading transportation fuel provider that addressed all their customers’ fuel needs across North America
  • Industry recognized fuel management solution for ever gallon the customer burns
  • Simple, complete lifecycle support for conversion from diesel to natural gas
  • Large scale, efficient fuel transaction processing and tax compliance backed by over 3 billion gallons of throughput