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Canada Goose Clothing – Extreme Weather Outerwear

Created in 1957 under the name Metro Sportswear by polish immigrant Sam Tick, Canada Goose has positioned itself as the authentic outdoor clothing of choice. After selling the company to his son-in-law David Reiss, the company continues to produce Jackets, vests, gloves and cold weather apparel designed with high quality products, cutting-edge technology and years of experience under Canadian traditional wear. These are no ordinary trendy garments and neither are they meant to be worn by just anyone. These parkas and vests climb the Seven Summits by only those daring enough to wear them… while keeping them alive.

Continuing the family legacy, Dani Reiss son of David Reiss, joined the company in 1997 only to conquer new peaks as CEO and president by increasing its annual revenues by 3,000% by 2011. In the last decade, Canada Goose has established itself in Europe with an office in Stockholm, Sweden and ventured into the U.S. and Asian market.

The Wardrobe and Canada Goose Collection

Canada Goose divides its clothing collections from extreme cold weather conditions to chilly weather.

1. The Arctic Collection – Extreme Weather Protection

This is what you need to wear if you are one of those scientists in “The Day After Tomorrow”. All 20 styles where designed to keep you and your body parts whole and alive. Some of classical pieces where the first designed and until this day earn a reputation for best quality and warmest outwear on the planet.

Arctic Collection for Men: 20 iconic styles consisting of classic and authentic garments. The Snow Mantra is Canada Goose´s most famous parka, renowned for the warmest coat on earth. Designed for working conditions in the coldest places on the face of the earth. Coyote fur is included on the ruff to protect your face from the bitter wind and white goose down in the fillings to maintain warmth and comfort with proper hutterite insulation.

Arctic Collection for Women: 17 iconic styles, which are long and slim-fitting for a feminine touch. Smart military buttons, and waist-cinching adjustable straps complement the garments for a proper stroll on a cold city street or hiking on a snowy trail.

2. Altitude Mountaineer Series – For The Modern Mountaineer

Men: The first piece in the collection was co-designed with Laurie Skreslet. Laurie became the first Canadian to climb fully Mount Everest in 1982. This collection was made specifically for mountaineers in mind for both Men and Women alike.

3. Lightweight – Superior Mobility

Designed to comply with different climates and aerobic activities. Ideal for packing, traveling and active wear.

Men: Extremely warm and windproof garments but compressed to allow movement. Like to ski?

Women: Windproof and warm bur stylish by design. They understand us.

4. Hybridge Collection – Lightweight With Innovation

Similar to the Lightweight Collection the Hybridge garments where made thinking on different climates and activities. What difference this award-winning collection from others is its technology advancements and innovative styles in its design compared to the other more classical collections.

Men: Warm jackets that ensure outstanding flexibility. Perfect for fast packing since most pieces weight less than half a pound.

Women: Jackets that allow outstanding flexibility with exclusive Thermal Mapping Technology that insulate exactly where you need it most.

5. Polar Bears International Collection – A Warm Cause

A portion of the sales ($25 dollars per sale) from these royal blue parkas, jackets and accessories identified with the PBI logo go to research and education on how to save the polar bears habitat.

The collection offers six garments ranging from lightweight chilliwak-bombers to simple T-shirts for men, women and children.

6. Branta – The Italian Luxurious Black Goose

Just like the iconic Canadian northern black goose from its logo, the Branta collection is based on intelligent design and premium quality. Made from the highest quality wool and advanced Storm System technology from Northern Italy, this luxurious collection will protect in the coldest of places with exquisite style.

The Branta travel collection derives from authentic Japanese styles designed for changing weather conditions and lifestyles.

Men: Ultra-soft wool with a delicate feel with all of the proper protection from Mr. Snow but with delicate refinement.

Women: Stylish and comfortable garments made from the exclusive Loro Piana wool with leather details and fashionable accessories for a unique look and feminine form that keep you cozy.

7. Youth and Baby Collection – Protection for Tomorrow´s Cold-Weather Explorers

Jordan Romero is one of the few members of the exclusive Canada Goose People. He became the youngest mountaineer to climb the world´s Seven Summits starting at the age of ten. For those young ones with a passion for the extreme-cold, Canada Goose has adapted its most iconic pieces for their size and needs. These classic designs ensure warmth, comfort but with safety as number one priority.

8. Accessories – Parka´s Best Friend

A complete collection of head-wear, neck-wear, gloves, mitts, caps and t-shirts to complement your extreme weather and lightweight outfits; all within the accessories for men and women.

Within those for women, you will find in accessories, such Canada Goose apparel as:
– Beanies, Toques and caps for women.
– Aviator hats for women.
– Mitts and Gloves for women.
– and finally, we have, within the Canada Goose Sale website, the women accessories of neck protectors, scarves and t-shirts.

Now that you want one – Why should you buy it online; right here, right now!

1. Convenience. For starters, you are already here one click away from acquiring your new adventure suit. So don´t jump out of bed, Buy It Now with your jammies on via!

2. Time Saving. How much time do you spend in the store going through all those layers of not-for-me pieces until you find the right one? Add the time spent in traffic, looking for a parking lot, making the line at the counter and so on. Online you can choose what you like, pay for it and wait for its arrival at your doorsteps.

3. Price. Compare prices with other online retailers.

4. Knowledge. Know the story behind all that cloth and stitches.

5. Trust. Read what other buyers had to say from their purchasing experience and review their ratings.

6. Gifts. You are more of a beach kind of person, but your brother or sister can´t stop skiing or snowboarding? Give him/her a virtual gift card from the e-shop or purchase any product right now. Oh, and as a bonus nobody will see you buying, wrapping and hiding the surprise gift. For more cost-friendly prices, be sure to check out

7. Payment Method. Secure, fast and easy payment providers like Paypal to purchase in an instant with no complex procedures. In addition no lines at the counter.

So What´s In It?

Just as its name proudly implies, Canada Goose fills all of its coats with a blend of goose down feathers and some hutterite as a Premium insulator. Hutterite retains more warm air than any other types of down and it´s a lighter material that makes it ideal when you find yourself exhausted 20 thousand feet up Everest´s peak (to put it lightly), and a long way down from the warmest supper. In Alberta, the Hutterite communities (an Anabaptist Christian religious sect similar to the Mormons) collect hutterite from mature geese.

Canada Goose Jackets and Parkas made for enduring extreme weather conditions also utilize coyote fur on the hoods. This may sound not very eco-friendly, but just on the contrary of what you may think Canada Goose swings heavily on nature´s side.

Why Fur?

Coyote fur is utilized on Canada Goose extreme weather jackets to safe your face from freezing. You heard that right, no other material is as good for this singular purpose, as the Canada Goose materials.

4 main reasons why coyote fur can save your life, or at least your nose:

1. It never freezes. When have you seen a coyote with icicles sticking from its snout?
2. Doesn´t hold water.
3. The uneven random hair lengths break the wind to protect those cute red cheeks of yours.
4. As a bonus, fur not only prevents frostbite from your face but also creates turbulent warmer air around it.

Can you accomplish the same with Fake or “Faux” fur?
Go ahead and try taking it to the Kilimanjaro and see what happens. Canada Goose doesn´t use fake fur simply because it’s no good in freezing temperatures.

Only 3 kinds of fur can protect you from frostbite:

• Wolf
• Wolverine
• Coyote

Coyote is widely abundant in Canada and considered a pest in occasions as they attack livestock and endangered species. A controlled way of procuring coyote fur following Canadian industry guidelines and international regulations keeps a natural balance in the environment. Aboriginal communities are the ones in charge of procuring the material following traditional values based on a profound respect for and in harmony with nature. In fact, Canada is the world leader in humane trapping following the Agreement on the International Humane Trapping Standards.

Nonetheless, if fur still bothers you Canada Goose only includes it on garments when strictly needed. Jackets without fur are manufactured which are lighter weight and designed for more temperate climates and aerobic activities.

“You Must Take Your Place In The Circle Of Life.” – Mufasa in the Lion King

How does Canada Goose follow the wise lion´s advice? After taking from nature to save lives, it gives back to it by saving the polar bears. It is involved in several environmental and social initiatives that include The Conservation Alliance and Polar Bears International (PBI). If you acquire any of the products from the PBI Collection like the aviator hat, Expedition Parka and Chilliwak Bomber for men, women and children (all in blue with the PBI logo), $25 dollars from each sale are donated to preserve the habitat of polar bears through research and education.

What Does Canada Goose Clothing and Hollywood Have In Common?

Matt Damon, Hilary Duff, Nicolas Cage, Jessica Alba and many other celebrities. Whenever there is a movie in relation with extreme cold temperatures Canada Goose jackets have been worn by most characters. Nicolas Cage can be seen wearing one in the scenes of “National Treasure”, Jessica Alba in “Good Luck Chuck” but the movie that renders real tribute to the brand is “The Day After Tomorrow”, a chronicle about the Earth entering a modern ice age where Canada Goose Jackets are worn by research scientists.

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