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franchising. And the franchise community, still suffering from the never-ending credit crunch, is eager to embrace it, believing it could help reenergize unit sales. But the current generation of donation-based crowdfunding platforms doesn't mesh particularly well with the franchise model. Donors are interested in funding new products and creative or cutting-edge businesses, not in subsidizing sandwich shops and quick lubes. Also, the small amounts raised through crowdfunding--typically a few thousand dollars--are not enough to replace bank loans or other financing needed by aspiring franchisees.

all brand watches But equity-based crowdfunding--in which investors buy a slice of a small business--could be quite useful to franchisees. The JOBS Act, signed into law last spring, includes a provision that will make it legal for small businesses to solicit crowd-based investments of up to $1 million. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is currently working out the details on how to implement the law, and the decisions it makes are critical: If the regulations are too burdensome, they could put the kibosh on crowdfunding for franchises before it even starts. If, however, the SEC's rules are reasonable, they could open up a whole new path to franchise ownership.

A Natrual Fit
"We certainly believe crowdfunding has tremendous potential for franchise finance specifically," says Mark Mohler, a Florida business lawyer and CEO of Sprigster, which is currently donation-based but could convert to equity crowdfunding once the SEC releases its rules. "It provides for the true democratization of private equity."

Daniel Gorfine, director of financial markets policy and legal counsel at the Milken Institute, a Santa Monica, Calif.-based think tank that investigates innovations in capital markets, has co-authored several reports on the JOBS Act and securities crowdfunding. "There are certain things that make crowdfunding and franchising a natural fit," he says. "Number one, the size of the investment from the franchisee is not so great that it would exceed the $1 million limit. Next, most franchisees aren't interested in seeking late-stage investments like some small businesses. Having tens or hundreds of shareholders sometimes scares away venture capital groups, but that doesn't really matter here.

"But the most important thing," he adds, "is that crowdfunding creates a natural clientele. If you start out with 100 or 1,000 local investors, it might be a nice base of customer support and people invested in your success. The investors can see the property and business, and that adds enhanced credibility to the investment."

Gorfine also believes crowdfunding could become a novel way for franchisors to screen candidates and assess demand for their products. "There could be a situation in which a franchisor does a prequalification contingent on a candidate being able to successfully raise money from crowdsourcing," he says. "A franchisor could get feedback about how desirable a particular franchise would be in a certain location. The local community could tell them if they want a coffee shop on this corner or not. They could tell a franchisee, 'If you raise a certain dollar amount or number of investors, we'll be able to do a transaction with you.'"

Jonathan Sandlund, who runs online research and advocacy platform TheCrowdCafe, contends that crowdfunding could be a major step forward for equal opportunity. "This has an enormous potential to bring access to capital to fraxX.;u says. "Banks are really pulling back, and right now if you need $50,000 or $150,000 to start a franchise, you have to be wealthy or be connected to wealthy friends and family to get it. This will put people on equal footing."

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